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About Us

What are we doing?

We at ESI (Extreme Sports India) are changing the way of perceiving adventure in India. We are making extreme sports a little more accessible and mainstream.

Why are we doing?

Adventure should not be restricted to just an activity but rather to be treated as sports because they do require hard work to develop a skill set, drive to improve performance, have the spirit of competitiveness, confidence in one’s efforts, techniques and self and tolerance for pain.


We want the adventurous folks out there who love feeling the feeling of adrenaline rush to experience, learn and play extreme adventure sports either leisurely or professionally. Get hold of the sport and play it wherever you want to, be it in India or outside.


That is because the feeling you get when you ride your first wave, glide alone in the sky, reach the top of the pinnacle or shred the powdery snow is incredible.

Who are we?

A small mix of people, some of who love living extreme and the others just like you who used to see surfing and snowboarding in Hollywood films and always wanted to do those. But due to lack of awareness and accessibility, couldn’t.

Hence, we created this platform and want to grow it with an aim to also develop a community of Adventurers, Athletes and schools.


So is our way to achieve all this. If you would like to contribute to develop this community or give us your feedback, do write to us at