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Army organises Cycling Expedition in Chenab Valley

Cycling Expedition

Army organises Cycling Expedition in Chenab Valley

Indian Army organized a cycling Expedition from Kishtwar to Batote via Palampur (Himachal Pradesh) that started a few days ago and would conclude on Sept 19, 2019. Over a timeline of twenty one days, the cycling team of 1 officer and 10 NCOs and JCOs are going to be covering a distance of 1010 Kms through most treacherous and inaccessible roads, surmounting Rohtang Pass at a height of 13400 feet. Throughout the Expedition, the team are going to be interacting with the native population along with tourists en-route, to unfold the message of grit, determination, hard work and strength of Army personnel and also the efforts by the Indian Army in maintaining peace in Chenab valley especially and Jammu in general.

“Such expeditions are frequently organized by the Indian Army as a part of adventure activities to foster perseverance associated love for the outdoors with an overall aim of imbibing solidarity, comradeliness and esprit-de-corps. Such activities instill pride and confidence, thereby giving exposure to troopers in facing challenges in their lives,” said an army Officer.

Source:- https://www.dailyexcelsior.com/army-organises-chenab-warriors-cycling-expedition/

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