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Artificial walls and boulders for rock climbing in India

Indoor Climbing and bouldering India

Artificial walls and boulders for rock climbing in India

Globally popular as a sport of intense vigor, rock climbing has gained monumental footholds in India. Given the fact that it is a strength-based sport of endurance, rock climbing is a rather difficult feat, meant to boost the core toughness of the human body.

With the advent of artificial and indoor walls, the accessibility for rock climbing has increased, and thus the popularity of the sport.

But still, how many times have you heard someone complain, “I’ve been wanting to learn rock climbing for a while, but there’s a dearth of climbing walls in India.”? Often, you’re unaware of the rock face in the neighborhood or the town you visit on a holiday.

Click on the links below, to find an artificial wall around you.

All the Rock-Climbing Walls in India You Need to Know Of

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