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My name is Burhan Azaad War. I am a 20-year-old snowboarder from Gulmarg, Kashmir, in the mighty Himalayas. For me snowboarding has been an outlet to let go; free of emotions, to have fun and to shred hard, as long as you are able to do so, to conquer your fears and challenge yourself. This is my story about snowboarding. I started in the year 2014,

Gulmarg has been the most captivating experience of my life. As soon as my flight landed at Srinagar the light cold breeze blew my heart away. Gulmarg is tucked away at the beginning of Himalayas and has the most beautiful slopes to ski and snowboard. My initial vacation was planned for a week of learning basic skiing but I ended up staying for 10 days.

There was a special pull that I always had for water bodies since I was a child. Coming from a society, that has massive anxiety from water bodies, I found it difficult to explore the water world. But growing up, I did learn to swim well and explored lakes, ponds, rivers and even the ocean bodies. But there was something missing. The massive waves and

A long term bucket list topper for me, traveling solo for the first time saw a whole new meaning when I decided to replace luxurious cities and towns with vast stretches of mountains and grass. I gave up comfortable hotel suites for rainproof tents with sleeping bags and swapped soothing spas for a 72km extensive test of fitness levels. All of this happened in the

Gulmarg has the best infrastructure for skiing and snowboarding in India. This is because of the terrain, quality of snow, snowfall and resulting snow depth during the season which results in some incredible and varied slopes up the top. Here are some of the slopes that Turtle and Pooja, our contributors have skied and snowboarded respectively and how they went about them. Do refer to

Where do you get off? Asked a passenger. Where the mountains are so high that the clouds have to come up to kiss them good night, the roads are so clean that it pricks your conscious to even leave a speck of dirt on it. Where the music is so loud that it drowns out all the unwanted noise, melodies so sweet that even sugar

A common thought associated with winter sport like skiing is that skiers throw themselves off steep and narrow slopes. But the totality of skiing- the speed, the daring slope and terrain, and even the freezing temperature had entered my ten-year son Vivan this winter. We spend a lot of time in Gulmarg and the place is well full of skiers from all over the world.

India, as magnificent as it is, is surrounded by water on three sides. Here are some of the most amazing scuba diving spots in India, explored and unexplored, with the ability to make anyone fall in love with the underwater world. Here are the best Scuba diving spots in India. Lighthouse Point This diving spot is located next to a white lighthouse in Havelock Island, Andaman.