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Club level paragliding course at Bir Billing (P3)

Club level paragliding course at Bir Billing (P3)


This paragliding course is recommended for solo Paragliders and only for people with a good knowledge of flight physics and techniques. This course is monitored and managed by some of our best pilots and national award winners. This is suitable only if you are highly familiar and comfortable with all aspects of the flight science.

  • Bir Billing
  • Moderate

When you start to learn paragliding P3 course you are tested whether you know the basic courses that are P1 and P2.

Intermediate flight techniques and extreme manoeuvres are taught and monitored.

Training includes theoretical knowledge about weather, mechanics of flight, air-laws, piloting and equipment. Ability to assess dangerous situations and make good decisions.

The mental part is about Risk management, self-evaluation techniques and planning of the student’s own progression.


In the field, ground handling skills are pushed to the next level; the student will learn how to master a flight, from weather analysis to performing high flights on his learning site independently with a high level of safety.

The most important things that will be taught are independent take-off and landing practices. Few solo trips will be conducted

Gears and  equipment

Professional Instructor

Transport to and fro take-off and landing point

Nearest railway station to Bir is Pathankot. It takes 4 hours for taxi to reach Bir from Pathankot. Bir has good connections with other cities through Buses too. Nearest airport international airport is Chandigarh from you get state transport buses perfect for travelling towards Bir.

Sport shoes
Sun glasses
Water Bottle
Comfortable clothes


About the instructor

The school out here is actually an organization Promoting and developing Aero Sports  in Himachal Pradesh. They were the ones who organized and hosted the Paragliding World Cup in 2015. Their instructors and pilots are highly trained and experienced.