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Experience Scuba diving at Sindhudurg fort

Experience Scuba diving at Sindhudurg fort


This historical fort and naval base of Shivaji Maharaj has Coral walls, sargassum algae forest and a variety of fishes. This short dive gives you a sneak peak of the above mentioned marine diversity.

  • Malvan
  • Easy

Programme start at 8:00am and 10 am, takes 1 hour to finish up. Basic instruction provided before start of the programme. The programme will just give you the feeling of going underwater and having the first taste of diving. You do get some cool photo and videos underwater.

Boat transport to dive location
Diving gears and equipment
underwater photos

No touching corals or any marine life.
Always listen to the diving guide instructions.
No swimming at the scuba diving spot is allowed as per gov regulations.

The nearest railway station in Kankavli from where you can take a bus or a local taxi to Malvan. From there reach Malvan Dandi beach.

Extra pair of clothes
Water bottles


About the instructor

Coming from a local fishermen community, Yogesh the head instructor had his passion for scuba since his childhood days, following this he opened up this school after completing his PADI certification course due to his village having affinity to tourism.

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