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Experience Scuba diving near the isolated light house of Tarkarli

Experience Scuba diving near the isolated light house of Tarkarli


The lighthouse of Tarkarli is famous for its isolation and beauty. Diving here will give you a chance to observe mountain corals, sargesium forest, marine fishes, dolphins, mackerels and spot even seagulls.

  • Tarkarli, Malvan
  • Easy

Programme start at 8:00am and 11 am, takes 1 hour to finish up. Basic instruction provided before start of the programme. The programme allows you to experience the open sea and a thrill of deep water diving. You do get some cool photo and videos underwater.

Boat transport to dive location
Diving gears and equipment
underwater photos

No touching corals or any marine life.
Always listen to the diving guide instructions.
No swimming at the scuba diving spot is allowed as per gov regulations.

The nearest railway station in Kankavli from where you can take a bus or a local taxi to Malvan. From there reach Malvan Dandi beach.

Extra pair of clothes
Water bottles


About the instructor

Coming from a local fisherman community, Yogesh the head instructor had his passion for scuba since his childhood days, following this he opened up this school after completing his PADI certification course due to his village having affinity to tourism.