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Learn Kayaking (Coastal) | Basic Kayaker course

Learn Kayaking (Coastal) | Basic Kayaker course


Great opportunity to get introduced to a new sport! Learn the basics of Kayaking with an experienced instructor. There are chances of spotting interesting marine biodiversity and traditional fishing methods along the way and becoming a recreational kayaker.

  • Kathadi North, Rameswaram
  • Easy

Sessions (Theory & Practical) will be done between sunrise to sunset depending on the lesson schedule for the day. Basic strokes, rescue techniques & trip planning. The course includes a 5km kayak trip.

Trained & Experienced Instructor, Safety Gear and equipment for kayaking, refreshments post training.

  • Closest Airport – Madurai (2.5 hrs)
  • Closes Bus stop – Uchipuli (10 mins) or Rameswaram (40 mins)
  • Closest Rly. Station – Mandapam (20 mins) or Rameswaram (40 mins)

We recommend you carry a quick dry t-shirt/rash vest, board shorts, cap, sunglasses and sunscreen. You can also carry a change of clothes, towels, toiletries as per your requirement.

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About the instructor

Jehan and Upasna founded this school located near the beautiful island of Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu where they have training facilities for water based extreme sports. Pioneers in their fields they are quite experienced and have an expert team onboard for teaching and giving a wonderful experience.