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Solo Paragliding course (P1and P2) at Bir billing

Solo Paragliding course (P1and P2) at Bir billing


This course will make you fly your first solo flight and help you become a solo paraglider. This entry level course in Paragliding is for beginners who want to become casual pilots and fly under supervision. Your Instructors will teach you the theory of flying also explain about the glider design and how does the glider work, after this there will be ground training along with gliders where you’ll practice basic elements of flight before you even leaving the ground You’ll get to learn all the necessary skills that you require to fly without supervision and earn a Novice level certificate

  • Bir Billing
  • Moderate

During the course basic fight physics will be taught ground practice will be given so that you understand the basic knowledge about flying

During the course you will  be introduced to gears and equipment of paragliding

The most important lessons will be on safety and emergency management

When you complete the training you will have to successfully complete one solo flight under supervision and command

Gears and  equipment

Professional Instructor

Transport to and fro take-off and landing point

Nearest railway station to Bir is Pathankot. It takes 4 hours for taxi to reach Bir from Pathankot. Bir has good connections with other cities through Buses too. Nearest airport international airport is Chandigarh from you get state transport buses perfect for travelling towards Bir.

Sport shoes
Sun glasses
Water Bottle
Comfortable clothes


About the instructor

The school out here is actually an organization Promoting and developing Aero Sports  in Himachal Pradesh. They were the ones who organized and hosted the Paragliding World Cup in 2015. Their instructors and pilots are highly trained and experienced.