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Tandem Paramotoring/ Powered Paragliding in Jaipur

Tandem Paramotoring/ Powered Paragliding in Jaipur


15 kms from the city, Tandem Paramotoring/ Powered Paragliding will allow you to experience thrill and excitement with a royal finesse. When you have wings to fly, magnificent landscapes take on an extra dimension. With Mundota Palace curving around the polo ground, the view from the top is spectacular.

  • Jaipur
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It is recommended that you arrive 20 minutes prior at the location for safety briefing by the instructor before your Wing it experience. After the briefing, gear up, sit back and experience flying by the aircraft. You can enjoy the breeze and the thrill of flying high in the sky.

Gears and equipments

gliding as per fly time

1. Who can do it?

Anybody who is fit, age above 4 years and within the weight limit of up to 90kgs, can experience the joy of Paramotoring. The activity is not recommended for Pregnant Women, Back or Neck injuries or any other physical injury due to safety reasons. Please inform the crew/Pilot if you have any medical problem.

2. Do I need any training, any prior experience or be physically fit to take part in the activity?

No skills or experience is necessary.

3. How far or high up will I go?

You will fly with in the aerodrome limits up to range of 200 to 500 feet above the ground.

4. Can I use my camera while I’m up in the air?

While camera is not allowed at the airport, you can take a mobile phone with you, but at your own discretion.

5. How is it different from Paragliding?

Paramotoring is done with an engine, while Paragliding is not. The engine in Paramotoring ensures freedom of flying with complete control on the aircraft. Paramotoring is also safer when compared to Paragliding, especially when it comes to take-offs and controlling the glider during the flight.

6. Is it Safe?

Absolutely! We have flown over 10,000 customers, maintaining complete safety standards. We have been  in aerosports since 1993.

7. How fast a paramotor flies?

Depending on the wing and the size of the wing the average speed can be up to 25-35+mph (+/- wind speed)

8. How high paramotor can fly?

Paramotors can fly upto a ceiling of approx 10,000 ft, however, generally flown between 200-2000 feet above ground level.

9. What are the best times in the day to fly a paramotor?

The best time to fly a paramotor is during the early morning hours from 6am-9am and in the evening hours from 5 pm to sunset in the summer hours as winds are generally calm during this period. Flying in these time you will avoid flying in unstable air/thermic air and you will have a much smoother flight with very little chance of any collapses situations due to thermals and unsteady air.

You can reach  Jaipur via Air, Rail and Road transport and then from there you need to take a bus or a cab to Mundota Palace in Kalwar.

Wear comfortable dress and sports shoes. Wearing of shoes is compulsory.

Recommended backpack essentials;
• Sports shoes
• Water
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen



One of India’s only APPI PPG licensed and recognised training school is run by Abhay Rathod, a Paramotoring athlete himself in the past. The school follows the same training system as led down by APPI PPG.